Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year's 2010

I welcomed in the new year sipping vodka tonics in Nha Trang with a group of Canadians from Vancouver. Early in the day we took about an hour long trip outside of Nha Trang to a quiet and secluded beach in the countryside.  We ate fresh seafood enjoyed the beauty of living in the tropics.  We started the night off with an "expensive" gourmet dinner for everyone.  It cost under $20.  Dinner costs me an average of about a dollar.  There were dragon dancers, champagne, and sword swallowing (which horrified me).  I think all told there were about thirty or so of us partying together, most of them from Vancouver.  We then moved to a bar called Guava, owned by one of the Canadians, and started the party.  It was a little weird ringing in the New Year with almost total strangers, but everyone was cool and I make fast friends.  It was an interesting mix of backgrounds, but it worked.  It also helped that I was partying with the owners of Guava and they were very cool and inviting.  I ended the night on the beach watching the waves roll in.

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