Friday, November 20, 2009

Remnants of a War- Saigon Part 5

In Ho Chi Minh City there is the War Remnants Museum, formerly the museum of American War Crimes.  It's basically a whole museum devoted to horrors of war.  They of course only offer one side of things, because this is a museum of propaganda.  This does not mean the realities of war presented here are not true, they are just not presented in the full context of what the Vietnam War means to America or Vietnam itself.  I have the luxury of living in the southern part of the country, that still remembers a better day.  I'm not going to offer some commentary on the correctness of war, I've never been in the military and it would just be arrogant of me to do so.  I will say that war takes a toll on all those involved, and that for all our turmoil the world is a better place because of the United States.  Thank God for these United States of America.

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