Friday, February 12, 2010

Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a former remote fishing village turned resort town.  There is really only one road in and out of the town and it is lined with resort hotels and restaurants.  The most interesting thing about Mui Ne is it is the one of the best places for wind and kite surfing in the world.  It is nestled into a notch along the coast of Vietnam located about 20k north of Phan Thiet.  On one side of the town there is the beach and on the opposite it abuts red sand dunes.  Which is symoblically appropriate because Mui Ne is a major tourist destination for Russian tourists.  Many of the signs can be read in Vietnamese, English, and Russian.  Just to be clear I didn't stay overnight in Mui Ne because I simply can't afford it, and in truth beyond the small fishing boats on the horizon, it doesn't feel like Vietnam to me.  No we were in Mui Ne because Te Chung, Tony's former professor, was treating us to an amazing lunch.  We started the meal with bit of raw fish wrapped up in rice paper with some greens.  Then came pieces of grilled squid.  The third course was some sort of fish, related to cod we thought, cooked in soy sauce and vegetables.  Everything was as fresh as possible, we even picked the fish we ate.  To finish the meal we topped everything off with some seafood fried rice.  Delicous meal, beautiful surroundings, cold beer, volunteering has been really hard on me.
view from the restaurant
small piece of a very large squid
a very ugly, but very tasty fish Te picked out for us

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