Friday, April 2, 2010

Before the Sun Sets

Phnom Bakheng is an eleven hundred year old temple which sits atop a hill.  It has become a favorite place for visitors to watch the sunset from.  Despite being one of the older temples at Angkor it is in surprisingly good condition.  So I joined the throngs of visitors and climbed the mountain temple to enjoy the views of the surrounding valley and all that once was Angkor in its glory.  When climbing the steps here I thought they were steep and rather dangerous for the older tourists and at this time I had no idea what lay in store at other temples.  Even though I was surrounded by tourists I felt this place had not lost its mysticism.  I could feel all the history and the sense of accomplishment the Khmer must have felt standing atop their mountain temple.  I suppose it's the weight of history and humanity that we feel at these sort of places.

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