Monday, May 24, 2010

Behold a Pale Horse

They show classic movies on the version of Cinemax I get in Vietnam.  The other day I watched a movie starring Gregory Peck called Behold a Pale Horse.  It was a black and white film starring Peck, Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharrif.  I love watching these old films, because they have nothing but the story to them.  Most of the movie takes place in a small room in Pau where Peck, a Spanish rebel and bandit, debates whether to go back to Spain to see his dying mother. The movie relies heavily on the story and acting for entertainment.  That's why I like to watch these old black and white films, because I like the stories, it makes me feel like I'm reading Hemingway.

The types of movies I get on cable here fall into one of three categories.  They are either big-name new releases, old classics and b-movies, or straight to cable movies which no one has ever heard of.  One example of the latter could be a movie named Mall, where a group of people are trapped in a flooding mall with an escaped serial killer trying steal some huge amount of money hidden in a mall vault.  I've seen this movie more than once. Mostly, I wonder how movies like this get funding.  When I do watch tv, I watch the oldies or the Discovery channel.

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