Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bag O' Food

"The belly rules the mind." -Spanish Proverb

So the matriarch of the family I have been spending time with here in Da Lat keeps handing me food when I stop by to say hello. So far, she has handed me a cob of corn, a small plastic bag with a couple of potatoes in it, and many random fruits. The latest fruit was something that looked like a red pepper but tasted like an apple. I was actually on my way to dinner with some of the other teachers when she handed me the fruit. I can't help but laugh because I am constantly reminded of that scene in The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler gets handed a meatball by Drew Barrymore's grandmother. That's kind of what I've got going on, but then again, I had never eaten a potato like it was an apple before, so that was a new experience.

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  1. Remember the Searchers, with John Wayne...You may be getting a bride and not a potatoe ur uncle