Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cha Ram Bap

I constantly say this wrong.  "Bap" is corn in Vietnamese.  "Cha Ram" refers to the fact that it's wrapped up like a spring roll or lumpia, if you're Filipino, and fried crispy.  So it's like having an egg-roll that's been filled with just corn.  I know this doesn't sound appetizing, but it is.  What happens is they give you a huge plate of various greens (one of which looks suspiciously like poison ivy), some rice paper (that feels like plastic), some veggies (that look like apple, but are not), and peanut sauce.  Mix some chili paste into the peanut sauce, wrap it all up in the plastic like rice paper, and you have Cha Ram Bap.  Some students of Bria's showed us a little restaurant down a dirt side road, which we would have never found ourselves, that has become our "go to" dinner hang out.  


  1. There may be a picture going on, but it is just a small distraction between John and his food.

  2. It's catching on. These guns are international!