Thursday, August 27, 2009

Every Morning Looks Like This

"Beauty seen is never lost." - John Greenleaf Whittier, Sunset on the Bearcamp.

I am in Dalat. When speaking with some of my Vietnamese colleagues, I couldn’t help but regret the fact that I did not have better

words to describe their city. It is simply beautiful. The weather is clear, sunny, and that perfect temperature you might remember as late Spring. I sit atop a hill upon which I live in the center of the city looking out over this foreign land. The mountains, jungles, and pine forests that surround the city provide a dark green backdrop that contrasts with the light blue sky. The city itself is a mix of architecture with rooftops that rise and fall throughout the city giving one the feeling that they themselves were something organic. The Vietnamese themselves have been beautiful and rather helpful in our struggles to adapt. I have already been invited to dinner with the family that owns the little convenience shop outside the school. Pictures are always better than words, check out the photo-stream. àà


  1. Looks great Jason says Hi

  2. Wonderful description. You write so well. Hope we'll be getting more of your reports.