Monday, August 31, 2009

I Know Why the Dog Sticks his Head Out of the Car Window

Easy Rider Tours are a popular attraction here in Dalat. They allow you to see much of the country from the back of a motorcycle. They take you to holy Buddhist temples, to a waterfall with a precarious climb on wet, slippery rocks down to it, to factories and cottage industries where they make everything from silk to rice wine, to see the fields of flowers, coffee, and produce of numerous varieties, and through the endless mountains that seem to cradle the city within them. To be out in the country, among the people, among the agriculture, on the back of an old yet purring motorcycle allows one to be alone with his thoughts. It’s difficult to describe the sensation of feeling at peace during the moments in between treacherous mountain bends and close calls as we zip by the wild village traffic.

To anyone who should visit Dalat they get my recommendation. It’s $25 and I would look for some Easy Riders (we had Peter Binh and Mr. Lulu) hanging outside of the Peace CafĂ©. It’s worth it. Unfortunately Captain America and Billy the Kid don’t ride here, just Pete Binh, Lulu, and the rest of the Easy Riders.


  1. I do it to smell other dogs plus I llok cool

  2. You should see if you can get a spot on the National Geographic site's travel section. It seems besides chewing gum and making faces at blind people, as your profile indicates, you can write... who knew? I thought you were faking all these years.