Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Central Market (Day) The Fish Frog Edition

The central market here in Dalat is a mixture of early 19th century grocery/hardware store and far east bazaar. It smells. I'd like to lie and tell you different, tell how I've immersed myself in the culture, but it still smells to me. What is kind of cool is that you can buy every sort of fresh local food imaginable there. Besides the produce which is everywhere, there are large metal basins in which fish splash about as alive as ever. Disturbing to me, but still interesting in its own way, are the bins with the eels in them. They slither and slime each other in these basins reminding me of disgusting and terrifying spaghetti. Bria is working on some way of getting them to dump a bucket of these on top of me. Awesome. I don't like her. So if you want fresh fish, eel, crab, frog, or even rat (yes, enormous ones), come on down to the central market because they'll be there tomorrow. I may not.


  1. John sounds like the market smells like the jersey turnpike. I don't know if you get sporting news over there but Tipperary lost the all ireland hurling today to Killkenny. A sad day. Can you send me some rats, Julie has a new recipe.

  2. Kilkenny and Tipperary always win. I'm a Galway man. Joe Canning is our man and we'll be there next year.