Saturday, September 12, 2009

Central Market (Night) The Meat on a Stick Edition

"Meat on a stick," these are words to live by, enjoy, and indulge in. Bria thinks I might be a little crazy and will most likely get sick at some point, but she has never tried the meat on a stick and does not know the simple joys of its heavenly design.

Now the night market is similar to the day market except there is no produce, or live animals to buy.  It's mostly clothes, and little stands selling fruit and processed foods for cooking, stands selling crawlers, doughnuts, and French pastries.  For me there are the little women selling the grilled wares of various meats skewered upon wooden sticks, mystery meat, chicken feet, the organs of a chicken or duck, and probably some animal that I might not normally eat.


  1. Uncle J here...You just getting around to discovering the wonders of meat on a stick? It has always been one of the staples of Manhattan street vendors....Have one for me!!!

  2. If it's popular somewhere, than it's gotta be worth trying. Live the adventure!