Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can I get Four Whole Fried Chickens? And a Coke?

On any average Vietnam weeknight you will find most of the college students out walking the streets in packs, seemingly going nowhere. Everyone else you will find huddled around a television somewhere, watching cable no less. I have cable television, and I find myself tonight watching The Blues Brothers, a classic. My favorite part may be when Ray Charles nearly shoots the little kid for stealing. For the record there is a Blues bar here in Dalat, the V-Cafe. They serve American food and get American musicians to play there.  The house band is the Curtis King Band, and coincidently Curtis is now the owner.  They're fun and the music swings, so what more could I ask for.   The Blues scene may not be nearly as good as the scene was in Krakow, and it's not the Turning Point, but it's my little corner for the Blues.

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